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Meet Wickedbone

Why Choose Wickedbone


    Control Wickedbone off the downloadable App. Use a virtual joystick to control and manoeuvre Wickedbone reaching up to 3 metres per second, can operate on both hard and soft surfaces.  


    Wickedbone will play with your pet when you are not available. Just set a timer of up to 20 minutes and it will move on it's own responding to your pets touch.


    Wickedbone will react emotively to your pets touch, responding in an appopirate manner depending on their mood. 


    Alternate between Wickedbones 9 unique skill moves, each tailored to keep your pet entertained. Create your own combos based around your pets personality,

    Roll, Jump and Spin! 


    Tell Wickedbone your pets personality on the App and it will play with them accordingly. It will perform gently for shy pets and energetically for those pets that never seem to tire. 


    If your pet likes to bite and chew then Wickedbone has the answer. Tyres are replaceable when they are worn and torn, contact us via e-mail if you would like a pair of extra tyres. 


Wickedbone is the world's first interactive dog toy.

Control off your phone through the Wickedbone App.

A new and great way for your pet to have fun and exercise.

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How Durable is Wickedbone?

Wickedbone is made from safe and durable FDA approved materials. It has been rigorously tested with both large and small dogs and stands up to their bite, made from polycarbonate it has been designed specifically to withstand enormous pressure. However it is important to note that if your pet aims to destroy every toy they are given then it can not be guaranteed that Wickedbone would hold out if a larger dog was determined to destroy it.

Is Wickedbone Waterproof?

We advise that that Wickedbone should not ever be completely submerged in water, however it is fine in the mouth of your pet and can be played with in the rain.

How do I charge Wickedbone and what is the battery life?

Wickedbone comes with an USB  charger, simply connect to a plug and a power outlet. Charging takes an hour and the battery life is 40 minutes on Manual Mode and up to 4 hours on Interactive Mode.